Supporting Others

Elders share stories about supporting others in learning, providing teachings to children, and engaging with the natural world as teacher through humor, sharing stories, and community shared work.

Tom Supporting 3

Tom describes the importance of language in building a sense of community for Indigenous youth.

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Tom Supporting 2

Tom tells a story about a man conversing with a robin.

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Esther Supporting 2

Esther describes a second husband who helped bring up her kids and with whom she shared the jobs of trapping, stretching hides, and selling pelts. She relays a story about a pelt tearing and sewing […]

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Tom Supporting 1

Tom describes the importance of being a role model for the younger generations.

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Don Supporting 1

Don tells a funny story about playing games with a woman back home.

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Ella Supporting 1

Ella shares her grandfather’s teachings about children and easing pain.

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