Dr. Judy Iseke Receives $500K for Michif Language Research

A 5-year SSHRC Insight Grant has been

awarded to Dr. Judy Iseke, Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Knowledge and Research. These funds will support the research program entitled “Indigenous Knowledge and Music in Indigenous Language: Storytelling in Education”. The total amount of the grant is $489,590 and is expected to employ between 4 and 12 Lakehead students.

This research program with Metis Elders is to help understand Indigenous knowledge systems and Michif language in Indigenous education. Some more of Iseke’s work in this field is featured on her webpage,

One output of this research will be an Indigenous knowledge, storytelling, and music research tool and archive. The development, design, implementation, and output of the research is a collaborative effort between Iseke, Indigenous graduate students, community Elders and the Michif Cultural and Resource Institute (MCRI) in St. Albert, Alberta.