Knowing who you are as a Métis person is based on teachings passed on and language. Language is part of knowing who you are and enriches one’s life.

Ella Identity 1 (Language makes you rich)

Ella explains how enriching learning a language can be.

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Cecile Identity 1

Cecile describes not knowing they were Métis/Michif as a young child starting school and children called her French and savage due to skin and hair color. Her father clarified she was Michif.

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Esther Identity 1 (Relationships identify where we belong)

Esther describes starting school speaking only Cree Michif and no English and having to learn to speak the English word for syrup in order to buy syrup at the store.

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Julia Identity 1

Julia describes the importance of teaching Michif in schools to preserve the language.

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Ella Identity 2

Ella tells a story about passing on teachings to her grandson and how that shaped his identity.

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Tom Identity 1

Tom describes the importance of knowing where you come from as a Métis person.

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