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Summary of Michif Resources Available Online

A number of websites have been created by members of the Métis community and other institutions that offer resources in learning the Michif language. There is a very user friendly and helpful website called Learn Michif, created by the Métis Nation of British Columbia and the Métis Youth of British Columbia. This site provides language lessons, videos of people speaking Michif and videos of stories from Métis Elders that were recorded by Métis youth. The language lessons involve matching phrases in Michif to their English translation, quizzes, listening and speaking. Check out this link to view four Michif lessons on the topics of greetings, family, weather and dining.

There is a project that is underway to create an online Michif Dictionary. There are also a large set of Michif lessons at this site.

Media for Michif and Cree

YouTube is proving to be an excellent resource for language learning videos as the public has access to uploading their own videos and contributing to the body of knowledge. There are a significant number of videos uploaded that are specifically for learning the Michif language. These range from short vocabulary videos to longer recorded conversations. There are two channels in particular, Learnmichif and Michifspeaker that provide a selection of recorded interviews, conversations and lessons in Michif.

Videos to Inspire Youth to Learn an Indigenous Language

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Edmonton Heritage Council Blog: Judy Iseke

Dr. Judy Iseke, director/producer of Wesaketewenowuk: Roots Growing Up. As a filmmaker, author, educator, and researcher, Dr. Judy Iseke understands the importance of revitalizing the highly threatened Michif language, which is key to Métis culture and knowledge […]

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Michif language comes alive through film and new resource

Wesaketewenowuk. The seven-syllable Michif word is the very apt title for Dr. Judy Iseke’s new short documentary that will be shown Saturday at the Musée Héritage Museum. The screening is part of a celebration of Métis culture and the launch of her new internet resource called Our Elder Stories.

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