Grandmothers of the Métis Nation

Indigenous Elders are the educators of our children, youth, adults, and communities, and the storytellers and historians of our communities. The contributions of Metis Elders help communities understand the contributions of Metis peoples, past and present, to our provinces and Nations. This film shares Metis grandmothers stories and histories told by the grandmothers and a narrator, to understand the complex roles and responsibilities of Metis women in the past and today. Thelma Chalifoux’s role as a community activist and leader in Alberta as well as her role as the first Aboriginal woman in the Canadian Senate are explored. Dorothy Chartrand shares stories and histories about Metis women in her family and community to unlock the complex community roles women played in history and today. Alma Desjarlais explains the roles of grandmothers as educators and healers in communities. Taken together, these three grandmothers help us understand the important roles of Metis grandmothers in Metis history and today as leaders, historians, activists, educators, and healers.

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