Teach Michif

Elders explored the topic of teaching Michif to children and adults, the importance of teaching the language and strategies to help learners learn. Music, games, play, and making it fun are important in the learning. It is not only children who need to be taught and to learn but all of us. There are many challenges to language learning. Elders explore some basic Michif language and how to teach it through fun activities.

Tom Teaches Michif 4

Tom suggests singing for memory, language learning, and connecting it to cultural teachings.

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Cecile Teach Michif 1

Cecile describes the importance of learning and teaching Michif before it disappears forever.

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Julia Teaches Michif 1

Julia describes making books and writing as supports for language learning and that everyone needs to learn, not just the children.

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Tom Teaches Michif 2

Tom outlines how visiting and reinforcing family relationships can help us learn the language.

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Tom Teaches Michif 1

Tom describes the use of music and games for language learning.

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